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When you think about auto tycoons and inventors, what comes to mind? Is it Henry Ford? Is it the designer of the Edsel car? Or is it 1950s American drive-up hamburger restaurants with parking lots filled with 1950s style cars?

The images that might automatically come up for us might be incomplete and missing out on the rich and vibrant rainbow of diverse automobile and transportation inventors and innovators from around the world.

This Black African history curriculum, consisting of 48 pages, aims to avoid treating Black history as a distinct subject separate from the standard history taught. Instead, it aims to incorporate Black history into the broader narrative of history and provide a more complete understanding of the past.

It's chock-full of engaging discussion questions and fun, play-based activities to reinforce concepts. Aimed at children ages 5 and up, this unit study can easily be customized for older children.

In Captains of Industry: Autos and Industry, Volume 1, learn about automobile and transportation innovators from around the world, throughout history right up to the present time.

We can’t wait for you to learn about these innovative inventors and designers through reading, play, and discussion.


  • Meet early transportation innovators
  • Learn about present day transportation innovations
  • Meet early automakers and innovators
  • Meet present day automakers and innovators
  • Try your hand as a highway engineer, auto designer, and car manufacturer
  • Extending your learning into everyday life
  • Get a world map to see where each innovator came from
  • And much more!

Fill your automatic and natural imagination and vocabulary with the inventions and history of the automobile and transportation industries from around the world with Captains of Industry: Autos and Industry, Volume 1.


With your unit study file, you’ll also receive 2 free digital download gifts:

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