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Who operates Code Switch Academy?

Please visit the About Us page to learn more. CSA is proudly owned by a Black (AfroLatin), queer mom.

For what ages are unit studies geared?

Our play-based curricula, lesson plans, and unit studies are for children ages 5-12.

What is the format of your unit studies?

Unit studies consist of approximately 10 pages that introduce a topic with reading to provide background, playbased activities to explore new concepts in a deep and meaningful way, some worksheets, guidance on
incorporating learning into everyday life, and extension opportunities through suggested further reading.

When will I be able to place my order/When do you officially launch?

We launch on December 19, 2022, just in time to kick-start New Year’s Resolutions

What is your return and refund policy?

Because our digital products are delivered to you immediately after purchase, and because of the nature of digital products, sales are final and no refunds or returns are offered

Can I share my CSA product with a friend, a classroom, online, or elsewhere?

Your purchase is a singular license that entitles you and your immediate family members to use the digital product. If you would like to share CSA with others, we ask that you buy another copy or a gift certificate.

How will I receive my products?

Digital products will be available for download immediately after purchase. You will receive an email containing
the download link.

May I print hard copies of CSA digital products?

You may print hard copies for your personal use.