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About Us


Our Montessori-based social studies homeschool curriculum, lesson plans, and unit studies for children ages 5+ focus on Black history curriculum and African American history, breaking free of the status quo, singular-perspective history that is commonly taught from cradle-to-grave. Our teacher resources provide children with the vocabulary to correctly and naturally expand their understanding of who is included in stories about our world, from Medieval Times to The Renaissance, to nursery rhymes, to The Wild West, and beyond.

We believe that by including a diverse range of voices, perspectives and needs in the stories and histories that children are taught, it will help them become compassionate, expansive, and creative thinkers who automatically see and value the world as a diverse chorus of voices, perspectives, and needs necessitating equal consideration.

Our social studies curriculum is designed by a lifelong educator to round out and provide a more complete perspective of stories about our lives and histories. Our unit studies can be used as teacher resources, to supplement existing curriculum, or as stand-alone unit studies for homeschooled children. The curriculum is perfect for those looking to incorporate Black history into their homeschool, making it a great addition to any social studies homeschool curriculum.

Upcoming Unit Studies:

▪ Great Explorers
▪ Great Poets
▪ Magicians
▪ Mermaids
▪ Princesses
▪ And many more!

Unit studies consist of approximately 40 pages that introduce a topic with reading to provide background, play-based activities to explore new concepts in a deep and meaningful way, discussion or journaling questions for thoughtful reflection, worksheets, guidance on incorporating learning into everyday life, and extension opportunities through suggested further reading.